Filip Leu - The Book

Filip Leu – The Book

Tattoo Life is proud to present a unique book dedicated to the life and art of Filip Leu. This unprecedented, encyclopedic volume spans the 40-year career of the Swiss master: with over 600 pages, over 1000 tattoos and thousands of photographs, it tells the story of an amazing artist, globally considered the greatest innovator of contemporary Oriental tattoo style.
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Waves ebook
Filip Leu

What Filip Leu provides here for professionals and tattoo lovers is an infinitely precious tool. This is not just a marvellous collection of illustrated plates, but above all a fundamental compendium dedicated to one of the most important subjects in Oriental iconography: waves ebook format Buy Here from Tattoo eBooks.

Dragon Claws Filip Leu

More than 2000 Dragon Claws. The book contains 198 pages of amazing black an white illustrations pen and ink. Buy the book here Published by Cheker Demon Press.

Felix Leu – Tattooing Ask Here

Tattooing Ask Here is a vivid collection of original and traditional flash, lively interviews, personal stories and photographs that detail the tattoo history of Felix Leu. Buy Here. Published by Seedpress

The Art of The Leu Family
Buy the book online here published by Seedpress in 2012

Berber Tattooing

Berber Tattooing in Morocco’s Middle Atlas Felix & Loretta Leu, Illustrations Aia Leu.
Buy the book online here published by Seedpress in 2017

Eva Aeppli

Eva Aeppli

acrobat between heaven and earth

In this first monograph, Eva Aeppli’s (1925–2015) life’s work unfolds like her personality in front of the reader, from her artistic beginnings in France from 1953 with the portrait drawings in charcoal, the life-size textile figures and bronze heads. Just as the painting is declared dead, Aeppli begins her large-format oil paintings and creates spells of evil. Then she switched to needle and thread, invented a new technique and formed her “scarred people”, the fabric sculptures that appear individually or in groups. With the knowledge of astrology, she reduces her figures to heads – it is the cosmic structures that she now gives a face. Her work has been shown and collected from Paris to New York, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland.. Kehrer books