Eva Aeppli and Jean Tinguely

Eva Aeppli and Jean Tinguely 1990

The artistic tradition started in the Leu Family with Eva Aeppli ( Felix Leu’s mother ) who was the first wife of  Jean Tinguely. Swiss artists they were part of the avant-garde art movement in the 50’s and 60’s in Paris and friends with Daniel Spoerri, Yves Klein and Niki de Saint-Phalle. Miriam Tinguely is their daughter.

Loretta Leu 1965

Loretta Leu 1965

Felix and Loretta Leu

Felix and Loretta Leu, New York 1965

In 1965 Jean Tinguely had a tour of exhibitions on the east coast of America, Felix Leu was his technical assistant, at a show in New York Felix met Loretta Buscaglia. As fellow artists and as a couple they went on to travel the world and raise a family of four children; Filip, Ama, Aia and Ajja.


Felix, Aia, Ama, Filip, Loretta and Ajja, Bombay 1981

Their first child, Filip Leu was born in Paris in 1967. Felix and Loretta had taken up tattooing during their travels and at an early age Filip was taught the technique. Together they founded the Leu Family’s Family Iron Tattoo Studio & Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1982.
Filip Leu is a tattooer and painter,  famous for his artistic spontaneity and blending of surrealism and psychedelia. He is a co-originator of the Art Fusion Experiment with his wife Titine K-Leu a fine artist known for her paintings of iconic tattooed people and sensual female forms.

Filip and Titine Leu

Titine and Filip Leu, Ibiza 1994
photo by Fabio Paleari

Leu Family Ibiza

Filip, Titine, Steve, Doug, Ama, Ajja, Aia, Felix, Loretta, Tracy, Ibiza 1994
Photo by Fabio Paleari

Ama Leu is the eldest daughter of Felix and Loretta Leu, she grew up in the bohemian family environment and went on to become an international fashion model for 20 years.
Her clothing lines blend her knowledge and experience of art, tattoo and fashion. She also focuses on the use of eco friendly, organic material.

Titine Aia Filip Leu

Titine, Filip and Aia, Goa 1988

A third generation artist Aia Leu was born on the island of Formentera in the Baleares in 1971. A fine art landscape painter, she also performs live painting shows. Her husband Steve Allin is known for his involvement in Hemp construction internationally, developing and teaching in Haiti, Nepal, Costa Rica and other countries.

Boom Leu Family

Amanda Sage, Aia Leu, Titine K-Leu, Filip Leu and Piers Van der Merve, Boom Festival 2012
photo Bobby C. Alkabes

Ajja ( Ajja S.F. Leu ) channels his creativity through parallel careers as musician/producer/dj, and Peak Records label manager. His much appreciated solo live sets, fusing his twisted psy-experience with a love of funky grooves, have made him a fixture in major festivals and parties around the globe. He collaborates with his wife Tanina Munchkina ( Tanya Leu ) as a DJ act.

Ajja and Tanya Leu

Ajja and Tanya Leu
photo Bobby C. Alkabes

Paris 2012

Ajja, Steve, Aia, Ama, Doug, Loretta, Filip, Titine, Matthieu, Aurelia, Indica, Fay, Summer and Poppy Paris 2012
photo Bobby C. Alkabes

Cajun Leu

Cajun Leu with Ajja Leu 2015

Leu Family 2011

Switzerland 2011

Jane Leu & Felix Leu

Jane Leu & Felix Leu
photo Gigi Stoll

Jane Leu Rekas is Felix’s eldest child, she lives in Portland, Oregon.